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One Of The 50 Top Quality MIDI Tunes On The Web
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All Of The Tunes Will Also Be Found On The Following Pages!

This Site Consists Of Several Pages Of Original MIDI Music Sequencers And Organizations
That I Have Discovered Since I Have Been Browsing The Internet The Last 15 Years

Many Of Them Have Become Great Web Friends!
This List Is By No Means Complete, And Most Likely Never Will
As New Composers Are Popping Up All Over The World Every Day!
I Currently Have MIDI Tunes By More Than 2800 Sequencers
From All Around The World In My Off-Line Archives!

You Will Find MIDI Music On My Various
Pages That Have Been Arranged/Programmed/Sequenced/Transcribed
By Many Of These
Fine Men And Women Who Have Spent
Many Countless Hours Of Hard Work
Preparing The Songs For Our Enjoyment!

New Listings On The Pages Are Noted For Approximately 90 Days!

Thank You Ladies & Gentlemen For The Music!

Thank You For The Music
By Abba
Sequenced For MIDI By A Great Unknown Sequencer

There Are At Least Two Definitions Of Original MIDI Sequencers

The person who sequenced the song actually also wrote the song, composed
and arranged it and sequenced the music by actually playing their music into their
computer with a piano keyboard, electric guitar, or other instrument.
 The sequencer, in order to make a decent quality original MIDI,
as described here must have a musical background.
The absolute finest MIDI's are usually made by musicians,
either professional or non-professional.
You will not see these sequences produced
with any of the "Canned" programs.


The person did not actually write or compose the original song title.
They took pre-existing songs and "Covered" the song
either by playing the different
parts of the song into the computer by ear or by
actually playing each note from sheet music, and they
were the first one do their version, therefore they are the
sequencer of that particular MIDI file.
There can be numerous "Original" sequences
of the same song title in many various styles.

An example of this is the song titled "Misty"

I have seen at least 10 "Original" MIDI sequences
of "Misty" in various styles including
easy listening, jazz, country and even light rock.

If I Know For Sure, I Will Include This Information.
Sometimes It Takes Hours For Me To Research A Song Title,
Especially If The Sequencer Has Not Embedded The Information Into The File
There Are "Thousands" Of MIDI Files On The Net
That Don't Even Have The Title Of The Tune Embedded In The File,
Let Alone Any Other Information!

Another Little Note!

Just Because You Can Read Embedded Information In A MIDI File
Does Not Always Mean It Is Completely Correct Or Up To Date!

E-Mail And Web Address's Change Or Are Dropped

Spelling Errors Are Possible And The Original Sequencer
Could Have Possibly Even Had The Title Or Artist Incorrect


If It Was A "Cover" Tune
Remember, There Are MIDI Composers Out There
Ranging From 6 Years Old To 90

Many Are Real Professionals, And Real Musicians

But There Are Also Many Short Timers Using Canned Software Programming Tools To Make A MIDI
While Their In School Or Just Fooling Around With One In Their Spare Time!

Unfortunately These Files "NEVER" Leave The Net!

I Can Easily Make A MIDI File Using My PC And A Small Composing Program
For Example Here's A Mix I Made With A Great Freeware Program
Called "Automated Composing System" From Music Laboratory

Play It
If You Dare!

As You Can See It's A "MIDI" And It Even Sounds A Little Bit Like Music But
It's A Long Way From Being What Is Called "A Quality MIDI"

To Play One Of Their Sequences
Click On Their Musical

Click On Their Site Name To Go
To Their Home Page
If They Have One

Visit Their Pages, Enjoy Their Music, Sign Their Guest Books
And/Or E-Mail Them
To Let Them Know That You Appreciate Their Work!

By All Means,
Please Abide By Their Rules, Regarding Copyrights,
Permissions To Use Their Sequences On Your Web Site
Requests For Reciprocating Links!
 They Will Appreciate It,
And You Will Help Keep

The Quality MIDI Music Flowing!!!
Please Assume That All Sequences On This And The Following Pages Are Copyrighted By The Sequencer
And Are Not To Be Reposted To Your Page Without The Written Consent Of The Original Sequencer!

All Sequencer E-Mail Address's On The Following Pages Have A
At The End Of Their E-Mail Address
This Must Be Removed Before You Send The Mail

Stop Spam Explanation!

Click On The The Following Buttons
For Information About

"The MIDI War"


Please Join The Music Relief Association


Due To Popular Demand I Have Started To Put The Pages In Alphabetical Order
By The Sequencers First Name, Rather Than The Web Site Title

To My Many MIDI Music Composer And Sequencer Friends
I want to personally thank you for your great music and
for helping to make my original sequencers web pages one of the most
popular MIDI music sites on the net
Hardly a day goes by that I don't get E-mails talking about you guy's and gal's!!!
I also want to wish you and yours a very happy and safe holiday season and a great 2010!
Your friend and MIDI music lover,
Jack Snead

P.S. If you move your site without a forwarding link, please let me know so I can change it on your listing!

Unfortunately We Have Lost Contact With Several Of Our Sequencer Friends

Who Had Their Sites On GeoCities When Yahoo Closed Down All GeoCities Sites On Oct. 26'th, 2009!
I Am Attempting To Contact These Sequencers To See If They Have A New Web Site!
Some Of These Old GeoCities Sites Have Now Been Restored By ReoCities

Special Note
If I have noted that the sequencer remixed, reworked, resampled or resequences, this means that
they did not actually compose, arrange or sequence the original MIDI file.
This also means that they have taken someone else's original MIDI sequence and reworked it
to either get it to sound better or differently, to change the tempo or
to speed it up or slow it down, and possibly add different instruments, etc.
Sometimes this is done with permission from the original sequencer,
sometimes it is not, this is why you will see very few reworks on my web pages.
If the actual original composer of  the sequence is known I will also acknowledge it!


To Be Listed On My Sequencer Pages Or To Report Broken Links
Please Mail To Jack At:

"Please Remove The
NOSPAMCOMMENT Before Mailing!"

 Sequencers Please Take Note!
If You Are Willing To Allow Webmasters To Post
Your Sequences On Their Pages With A Blanket Authorization
Please Join One Of The Yahoo MIDI Groups Below!


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