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I have received many inquiries regarding this question over the years. It used to be so simple. Just right click and save but with different browsers and different MIDI players it seems to continually be getting more complicated. I'm going to start this page with the simple explanations and as I get further questions I will try to answer them

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Problems downloading MIDIs Or "How do I download MIDIs from your page?"

03A  "How do I download MIDIs from your page?"
Downloading any type of file from a page on the internet usually requires simply highlighting and then right-clicking on the file name (for PC's) and choosing "Save As" or "Save Link As" from the pop-up menu.  For the Mac try holding down the mouse button for a few seconds.
If this doesn't work you are probably using a browser with which I'm unfamiliar.
I will have to E-mail the file to you.

04/26/06 More Elaborate Information

As far as downloading MIDI's you should be able to right click with your mouse on the song title and then save to a directory on your hard drive or a floppy disk.

If that doesn't work you may have to actually play each individual file.
When it is completely loaded you should be able to use your MIDI player to save the file.

All MIDI files actually download to your computer when you play them on line whether you
save them at that time or not and all embedded MIDI files automatically download to your hard drive as the web page is loading.

With Netscape they go into your cache file with a weird file name but if you open your cache file
and refresh each time you play a song you will see which file is the newest and you can rename
with the correct name and copy it to another directory to save it for the future as cache files
will be eventually lost.

With MSIE if you can't right click and save or use your MIDI player to save you can find the
files in the Windows/Temporary Internet Files section on your hard drive where they remain until
the next time you reboot your computer.  Just make a copy and move it to another directory or to a floppy.

I usually make a directory on my hard drive called ! MIDI Download or something like that so all
files I download will go there where I can find them later.

A Recent Question I Posed To My Friend "Bob" "Da Mav"
Bob, I think you told me awhile back that you are using Windows XP and MSIE for your browser.
I have a visitor who says she used to be able to right click and save a MIDI from my web pages but
now can't do it.  She says when she right clicks and saves all she gets is a .html file.
Are you having any problem with my pages???  Any suggestions.
Bob's Answer:

Jack, In Netscape 7.x if you right click on a MIDI, choose "Save Link Target As". This will open the
directory with the MID file extension. (It saves)
In MSIE 6.x*, right click and choose "Save Target As". This will open the directory with the MID file
extension. (It saves)
*One of the recent updates for MS Windows and MSIE contain a code which forces you to press the
spacebar or click once on applets, Crescendo, Objects, etc. There is a fix. http://groups.google.com/group/microsoft.public.windows.inetexplorer.ie6.browser/browse_thread/thread/7352e0c0b4471e54 Here's the link for you to pass on to your visitor. I have no problems with any of your pages.
In fact, yours are one of the few that is highly navigable and operative. (Nice job !!!!!)
I use MSIE more than Netscape now due to some of the properties I write my pages with that are apparent in IE and NOT in Netscape. However, I still use Netscape mail. (Windows XP-Media Edition.)
Good luck, Bob

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Download And Save MIDI

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