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Fire, EMS & Safety MIDI Tunes - Page 2 - H - Z
In Alphabetical Order
Marked As New - Approximately 90 Days

(105 MIDI Tunes On This Page As Of 11/20/10)

00's - Jazz - Originals - Soft Rock

"Original Composition And MIDI Sequence By Dan West - © 2006"

Heat Of The Moment
80's - Arena Rock - Classic Rock

Asia - 1982 - Sequenced By Unknown"

Heart Of Fire
Video Game Music

From The Nintendo Game (Castlevania)
"Original Sequence By Konami, Reworked By Daniel Genz"

Heaven's Light - Hell Fire
Theme - Soundtrack

"From The Hunchback Of Notre Dame - Sequenced By Salina Kendall"

Heaven's On Fire
Alternative Pop/Rock

"Kiss - Sequenced By Enzo-1996"

His Latest Flame
"aka (Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame"
60's - Country/Pop - Pop/Rock

"Elvis Presley - Sequenced By Roland Teunisse-1996"

Holy Smoke
Alternative Pop/Rock

"Iron Maiden - Sequenced By Julio Lema Iglesias-1997"

Hot And Cold
Instrumentals - Originals - Rock

"Original Composition And MIDI Sequence By Steve Wellens - 2000"

Hot As The Sun

"The Beatles - Sequenced By Jim Huff"

Hot Burrito Breakdown
70's, Bluegrass, Progressive Bluegrass

"The Country Gazette" - 1972 - Sequenced By Lynn Lewis"

Hot Cabbage
1900's, Cake Walk, Ragtime, Piano, Two Step

"Homer Denny" - 1908 - Sequenced By Dr. James Pitt-Payne"

Hot Dog
50's, Country/Pop, Rockabilly

"Buck Owens As "Corky Jones" - 1956 - Sequenced By Ron Tilden - 2006"

Hot Patootie (Bless My Soul)
70's, Album Rock, Hard Rock, Pop/Rock, Soundtrack

"Meat Loaf - 1975 - Sequenced By Stefano Gaglini"

Hot Rod Heart
90's - Heartland Rock - Roots Rock - Rock & Roll

"John Fogerty - 1997 - Sequenced By Karl Redlich - 1999"

Hot Rod Lincoln
60's-00's - Country - Country/Pop - Country/Rock - Rock

"Charlie Ryan - Johnny Bond - Asleep At The Wheel - Commander Cody And His Lost Planet Airmen"
"Sequenced By Fendertwin"

Hot Stuff
Big Band, Jazz, Originals

"An Original Composition And MIDI Sequence By Antone S. Walloch"

Hot Stuff
70's, Dance, Disco, R&B, Rock
"Donna Summer - 1979 - Sequenced By Chris Rada - 1997"

Hot, Hot, Hot
80's - Calypso - Caribbean - Dance - Reggae

"Arrow - Sequenced By Unknown"

I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire
Big Band, Easy Listening, Romantic

"The Ink Spots Version - Sequenced By Sal Grippaldi"

I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire
Big Band, Easy Listening, Romantic

"Various Artists From The 30's Thru The 00's - Sequenced By Herbert Harari-1997"

I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire
Big Band, Easy Listening, Romantic

"The Horace Heidt Orchestra-1941 - Sequenced By Larri Dee"

I'm On Fire
Pop, Soft/Rock

"Bruce Springsteen, And Later By 5000 Volts - Sequenced By H. D. Schulze"

In The Heat Of The Night
80's, Dance-Pop, Euro-Dance, Euro-Pop, Rock

"Sandra - Sequenced By Unknown"

I've Seen Fire And Rain
60's Rock & Roll

"Creedence Clearwater Revival - Sequenced By Unknown"

Jerry Moran
(The Fearless Fireman)

1900's, Novelty Piano, Ragtime

"Words & Music By Eddie Newton & Wilbur Campbell In 1911 - Sequenced By Dr. James Pitt-Payne"
(Posted 11/17/10)

Jump Into The Fire
70's, Soft Rock, Soundtrack

"Harry Nilsson - Sequenced By Ron Tilden"

Jump In The Fire
80's, Hard Rock, Speed Metal, Thrash

"Metallica - Sequenced By King Diamond"

Keep The Fire Burnin'
Pop, Soft/Rock

"REO Speedwagon - Sequenced By Norma "Williams" Carman"

Keep The Home Fires Burning
An Old Patriotic, Ragtime Tune

(Composed By Ivor Novello And Lena Guilbert Ford In 1915) - Sequenced By Paul F. Wilson

Kisses Of Fire
Pop, Soft/Rock

"Abba - Sequenced By Mike Boyce"

Lake Of Fire
Pop, R&B, Soft/Rock

"Nirvana - Sequenced By Ken Hodges"

Lake Of Fire
"A Much Softer Version 2)
Pop, R&B, Soft/Rock

"Nirvana - Sequenced By Unknown"

Last Steam Engine Train
Folk, Contemporary Folk

"Composed By John Fahey, Performed By Leo Kottke - Sequenced By Jari Pensikkala - From Finland"

Le Jazz Hot
Jazz, Pop, Soft/Rock, Soundtrack

"Henry Mancini - Sequenced By Unknown"

Light My Fire
"Version 1"
Pop, R&B, Soft/Rock

"The Doors-1967 - Sequenced By Unknown"

Light My Fire
"Version 2"
Pop, R&B, Soft/Rock

"The Doors-1967 - Original Sequencer Unknown - Reworked By K.J.P"

Memories To Burn
A Country, Heartbreaker, Honky Tonk Tune

"Ray Price, Gene Watson - Sequenced By Allan Clapp"

My Old Flame
A Piano Version Of The Great Easy Listening Tune Tune

"Frank Sinatra - Sequenced By Mel Webb"

My Old Flame
A Big Band, Upbeat Jazzy Version Of The Great Old Classic From The 30's

"Linda Ronstadt - 1984 - Sequenced By Robert Fowler"

Next Thing Smokin'
Country, New Traditionalist, Progressive Country

"Joe Diffie - Sequenced By Unknown"

Old Flame
"Version 1"
Classic Country, Country/Pop, Urban Cowboy

"Alabama-1980 - Sequenced By Gary Rogers-1999"
A "Top 100" Country Tune

Old Flame
"Version 2"
Classic Country, Country/Pop, Urban Cowboy

"Alabama-1980 - Sequenced By Wes Reed"

Orange Fire
60's, Instrumental Rock, Surf Music

"The Ventures-1961 - Sequenced By John Walker"

Paper In Fire
Classic Rock - Heartland Rock - Pop/Rock

"John 'Cougar' Mellencamp-1987 - Sequenced By Ron Tilden"

Play With Fire
60's - Classic Rock

"The Rolling Stones-1965 - Sequenced By Ron Tilden"

Put Another Log On The Fire
70's - Country - Novelty - Folk

"Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson, Bill & Boyd - Sequenced By Matt Raymond"

Quest For Fire
80's, British Metal, Heavy Metal, Rock

"Iron Maiden - Sequenced By Saltine-1998"

Relight My Fire
"Version 1"
70's, Blue-Eyed Soul, Disco, Urban, Pop/Rock

"Dan Hartman-1979 - Sequenced By Alexander Kunstmann"

Relight My Fire
"Version 2"
90's, Dance, Disco, Euro-Pop, Rock

"Take That-1994 - Sequenced By Unknown"

Rescue Me
Light Jazz - Chick Corea Style

"Original Composition And MIDI Sequence By Dan West aka Wild West"

Ring Of Fire
Country, Country/Pop

"Johnny Cash - Sequenced By Andreas "Andy" Matthews - Germany"

Ritual Fire Dance
Ballet, Classical

"Composed By Manuel de Falla-1915 - Sequenced By Mark Anthony Williams"

Soft Rock

"Original Composition And MIDI Sequence By Andy Rains"

Safety Love
90's, Japanese Pop, Rock

"B'Z - Sequenced By Unknown"

Settin' The Woods On Fire
Country - Honky Tonk - Western Swing

"Hank Williams, Sr. - Sequenced By Eddie Step - © 1998"

She Keeps The Home Fires Burning
80's - Contemporary Country - Country, Love Songs - Urban Cowboy

"Ronnie Milsap - Sequenced By George Longmore - © 2009"

Show Me Your Firetruck
aka "Backdraft" Theme Song Track #9

90's, Adult Contemporary, Pop/Rock, Soundtrack

"Bruce Hornsby & The Range-1991 - Sequenced By Unknown"
Composed By Hans Zimmer For The 1991 Feature Film "Backdraft"

"An Original Composition And MIDI Sequence By Daniel Rowe-1999"

Smoke Along The Track
80's - Country - Country/Rock - New Traditionalist

Dwight Yoakam-1987 - Sequenced By Eddie Step-1998"

Smoke From A Distant Fire
70's - AM Pop - Blue-Eyed Soul - Pop-Rock

Sandford & Townsend-1977 - Sequenced By Deb Ackley-1998"

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Big Band - Easy Listening, Light Jazz

"Frank Sinatra, The Platters & Many More - Sequenced By Mel Webb-1997"

Smoke On The Water
70's, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock

"Deep Purple-1973 - Sequenced By Norma 'Williams' Carman"

Smoke On The Water
70's, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock

"Deep Purple-1973 - Sequenced By Gennara Marchese From Italy"

Smoke Rings
30's, Big Band, Easy Listening

"Glen Gray's Casa Loma Orchestra & Many Others - Sequenced By Mike Ingram"

Smoke Rings In The Dark
90's, Country, Country/Pop

"Gary Allen - Sequenced By Bud & Evan Derek"

Smoke Your Troubles Away
60's, Pop, Soft Rock
"The Glass Family - Sequenced By Unknown"

Smokey Bar
Latin Jazz, Latin Pop, Originals
"An Original Composition And MIDI Sequence By Daniel Rowe-1999"

Smokey Bar
From A Internet Game Called Rogues Gallery
"Version 1 - Sequenced By Unknown"

Smokey Bar
From A Internet Game Called Rogues Gallery
"Version 2 - Sequenced By Unknown"

Smokey Bar
From A Internet Game Called Rogues Gallery
"Version 3 - Sequenced By Unknown"

Smokey Mokes
Ragtime, Jazz Piano
"Composed By Abe Holzmann-1899 - Sequenced By Bernie Schemitsch - 1997"

Smokey Mountain Drive
"A Rock, Fusion Guitar Instrumental - Steve Morse - Sequenced By Unknown"

Smokey Mountain Lullaby
"A Acoustic Guitar Instrumental - Chet Atkins & Tommy Emmanuel - Sequenced By Bruce H. Mock"

Smokey Mountain Rain
80's, Country, Country/Pop, Pop, Urban Cowboy

"Ronnie Milsap-1980 - Sequenced By Wes Reed"

Smokey Places
"aka Smoky Places"
60's, Pop, Soft Rock

"The Corsairs-1961 - Sequenced By Steve Day"

Smokey Sax
A Funky Jazz Instrumental
"An Original Composition And MIDI Sequence By Mark-Newby Robson-1996"

Smokey Water
Here's One I Found Awhile Back
That I Have No Idea Who The Artist Is Or
The Sequencer Of It.  It Is A Possible Original

"Or It Could Be A Real Laid Back Version Of Smoke On The Water"
If You Know Let Me Know!

70's, Classic Rock

"Boston - Sequenced By Blake Wallace"

Smokin' In The Boys Room
70's, Boogie Rock, Hard Rock, Rock & Roll

"Brownsville Station-1973 - Sequenced By Unknown"

Smokin' In The Boys Room
80's, Hair Metal, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock

"Motley Crue-1985 - Sequenced By MIDI C.A.D. Productions, Inc."

St. Elmo's Fire
(Man In Motion)

80's, Newage, R&R, Theme Song

"John Parr From The 1985 Film, "St. Elmo's Fire" - Sequenced By Jeremy Gilbert"

Steam Heat
Musical, Theme Song

"From The Musical, "The Pajama Game" - Sequenced By Unknown"

Steamroller Blues
70's, Blues, Blues-Rock, Pop/Rock

"James Taylor, Elvis Presley - Sequenced By Bernie Schemitsch"
"James Taylor Wrote & Recorded The Song With The Title Of "Steamroller"
Elvis Presley Was The First Major Artist To Record It Under The Title Of "Steamroller Blues"

Steamy Windows
90's - Pop/Rock - R&B - Neo-Traditionalist Country

"Tina Turner - Kenny Chesney - John Anderson - Sequenced By Unknown"

The Fire Brigade Band
Marches, Originals

"Original Composition And MIDI Sequence By Arthur St Germaine - 2000"

The Fireman
Country, Country/Pop

"George Strait - Original Sequence By Unknown - Reworked By "The Cookie Jar-1997"

The Flame

"Cheap Trick - Sequenced By Travis Kidd"

The Heat's On
70's, Jazz, Swing

"The Count Basie Orchestra - Sequenced By Gary Wachtel-1998"

The Midnight Fire Alarm
"Version 1"
1900's - Chamber Music - March - Ragtime - Two-Step

"Composed By Harry J. Lincoln-1900 - Arranged By E.T. Paull - Sequenced By "Perfessor" Bill Edwards"

The Midnight Fire Alarm
"Version 2"
1900's - Chamber Music - March - Ragtime - Two-Step

"Composed By Harry J. Lincoln-1900 - Arranged By E.T. Paull - Sequenced By "Barry Heard aka Bazza1 Studios"
(Posted 11/20/10)

The Red Hot Mama Rag
20's, Jazz, Ragtime, Vaudeville

"Sophie Tucker - Sequenced By Herbert Harari-1998"

The Safety Dance
New Wave, Pop/Rock, Rock

"Men Without Hats-1982 - Sequenced By Chris Pinheiro"

Thunder And Blazes
aka "Entry Of The Gladiators"
Classical - March - Pop - Circus

"Composed By Julius Fucik-1897 - Sequenced By Unknown"

Too Darn Hot
40's+++ - Jazz - Show Tunes - Soundtracks - Vocal Pop

"Composed By Cole Porter-1948 - Sequenced By Herbert Harari"

Too Many Irons In The Fire
30's+++ - Easy Listening - Swing - Ragtime - Vocal Pop

"Composed By Johnny S. Black -1933 - Sequenced By Dr. James Pitt-Payne"
(Posted 03/16/10)

Tryin' To Hide A Fire In The Dark
90's - Contemporary Country

"Billy Dean -1993 - Sequenced By Unknown"

Walk Through The Fire

"Peter Gabriel - Sequenced By Unknown"

We Didn't Start The Fire
80's - Pop/Rock

"Billy Joel-1989 - Sequenced By Unknown"

We'll Burn That Bridge
(When We Get There)

90's, Contemporary Country, New Traditionalist

"Brooks & Dunn-1993 - Sequenced By Unknown"

When Smokey Sings
80's, Dance-Pop, New Wave, Pop, Soft/Rock

"ABC-1987 - Sequenced By Unknown"

White Heat
Bluegrass - Country - Instrumentals

"Chet Atkins - Sequenced By Michael Joyce"

Who By Fire
Folk Rock

"Leonard Cohen-1975 - Sequenced By Unknown"

70's, Country/Pop, Folk

"Michael Martin Murphey, John Denver - Sequenced By Unknown"

70's, Country/Pop, Folk

"Michael Martin Murphey, John Denver - Sequenced By Jim Webb"

You're The Only Fire That Burns For Me
Vocals, Pop, Vocal/Pop

"Bobby Vinton-1989 - Sequenced By Illana May"

Zero To The Rescue (Zero's Theme)
Track #21 From Rockman X Game

"Game Music, Soundtrack - Sequenced By Maelgrim & Ralamean"

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