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Jack In His Younger Days

Jack In His Younger Days

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The Following Is A 2009 Zipped File Of A Few Photos From The February, 2009 Fires In Australia Sent To Me By An Internet Friend From Melbourne, Australia


I am a past Fire Equipment Distributor and Sales Representative.  I served all of Missouri, the Eastern one third of Kansas and bits of Iowa, Illinois and Arkansas for 26 years and we sold everything from "Band-Aids" to Fire Trucks.  Over those years we sold Towers Fire Apparatus, Emergency One Fire Equipment, Grumman, Pierce And Semo Tankers.  These products will of course, always be my favorite fire trucks.

Our former company name was Snead's Safety Sales, Inc., and we were located in
"The Little Village In The Valley", Buckner, MO, USA.

In February of 1998, I decided, after a year of very serious thought, to quit selling and servicing fire fighting equipment.  I had never attempted to become a large company, and the sales quotas from most of the manufacturers were just getting to be too much to handle for a small company.  Product liability insurance was getting prohibitive, sales were suffering due to extreme competition from large out of state competitors, and I, of course, wasn't getting any younger, so the decision was made to pursue other business interests, which included a former division of Sneads Safety Sales, Inc., our portable fire extinguisher service, which is how I got started in 1972.

In 2003 I semi-retired and did not solicit any new customers but continued to service my old customers. In July of 2010 with great reluctance I finally had to give up servicing fire extinguishers due to health problems including Emphysema, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lower Lumbar Spinal Stenosis and a few other old man problems.

I am also a past volunteer Fire Chief serving on The Buckner Fire Department, The Osage Fire Protection District and what is now known as the Fort Osage Fire Protection District, with headquarters in Buckner, MO.
I have been involved in the Fire and EMS Service in Missouri for over 50 years in several different capacities including The Jackson County Firefighters Association, The Fire Fighters Association Of Missouri and The Missouri Fire Chiefs Association.

I will always enjoy visiting with others involved in the Fire and EMS service and I also enjoy computers and browsing the internet, and designing web pages, especially those with "MIDI" music.
See some of my MIDI music pages below.

When I first got on the internet in 1996 I could not find very many web sites for those of us that are involved with or interested in Fire, EMS and Other Safety related services.

After I finally found a few, over the next several months, I was glad to find that there are actually thousands more here in the USA, as well as all over the rest of the world and growing every day.  Knowing how to to get started to find them was the problem.

I have created this page and my fire links page to help others that are interested in the emergency services get started without having to bounce around all over the net trying to find these types of sites.
I hope this site will be of some help to you!

Most of my links Will Take You To Many More Links to various emergency services throughout the State Of Missouri, The United States and the rest of the world.  I have made friends all around the USA, Canada, England, Italy, France, Germany, Japan and Australia, just to name a few.  Everyone involved in the emergency services throughout the world are friendly and glad to hear from you and to share their interests and involvement in the emergency services.

If you find other good starting points or interesting sites please E-Mail me and I will add the link to my links page.

If You Run Into Any broken Links, Please Let Me Know! 
They Do Seem To Change Now And Then!

I Have No Idea Where I Found This Picture!
A Cute Kid
But This Picture And The Safety & Welfare
Of Children Like Her Or Him Emulates
What The Fire Service Is All About!
The Following Is A Very Important Site
That All Of Us Interested In The Emergency Services
Should Try To Help Out!

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