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The Featured Song Playing Is
"Guitar Boogie Shuffle"
106kb - 5.35mpt
This Is A Great
Rename And Remake Of Arthur Smith's 1948 Country Boogie Tune
"Guitar Boogie"
First Recorded By The Virtues In 1959 And Included On Their 1960 Album

"Guitar In Orbit"
As Performed By
"The Virtues"

Covered By Many Other Instrumental Rock Groups Over The Years Including The Ventures, The Electras, The Skyliners & The Marauders
Sequenced For MIDI By The Great!
"John R. Bloise"

And Also One Of My Favorite Tunes!

My Site Notes
Are Kept On Line For Quite Awhile
There Are Currently 3300 + Top Quality MIDI Tunes On Line As Of 11/01/09
(Or At Least I Will For A Little While!)
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"The MIDI Fight"

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I Do Post Quite A Few Tunes On My Various Pages
That Don't Get Listed On The Alphabetical Pages,
The New Posts Page Or The Site Notes Pages!

My Bluegrass, Country, Folk Pages - Well Over 1000 Tunes
My Doc Doc's Blues Page - Well Over 300 Blues Tunes
My "Fire Page - Very Few Of The 200+ Tunes Are Listed On Other Pages
My Peter Wolmarans Page - Very Few Are Listed On Other Pages
My 70's-00's Pop & Pop/Rock Pages - Many Of The 250+ Tunes Are Not Listed On Other Pages
My Bob Barnes Page - Not Near All Of Them Are Listed On Other Pages
My Ron Tilden Page - Not Near All Of Them Are Listed On Other Pages
My Music Styles Page - Very Few Are Listed On Other Pages
My "Original MIDI" Pages - Currently Nine Pages That Might Not Be Elsewhere

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Ten Featured MIDI's From
Original MIDI Sequencers


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My Tribute To Original MIDI Sequencers
For MIDI Tunes By Well Over 140
Of The Best, Of The Best
Of The "Top Quality" MIDI Sequences!
Featuring The Men And Women
Who Provide Us With The Great Internet MIDI Music
(Updated Often As It Is One Of My Favorite Projects!)

"Listen To A Just A Few Of My Favorite MIDI Tunes"

??? Can You Name These Tunes For Me ???
I Need Help Figuring Out The Name Of These Tunes
I'm Not Doing Much With This Page Anymore As I Have Finally Found Out How To Search For A Tune To Find Out From Where It Originated From Or At Least The Artist Or The Real Name Of The Tune.  Original Sequences Only Posted Once, And The Sequencer Has Abandoned His Site Are The Really Tough Ones To Figure Out!
This Happens Quite A Lot With College And High School Students!

Requests For MIDI's

These Are Needed By Someone!  Even Me!
Can You Help Us Out?

MIDI Music Files - What You Need
Your Needs, My Crescendo Tests,
Examples Of Various On-Line Players,

Jukebox's, Links To Off-Line Media Players And Much More

Information And Artist And Sequencer Credits For Individual Song Titles
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My "All Songs" Pages!

And The Various Indexes To Point To Them

My Links Pages
Will Take You To
Just About Any Style
Of Music You Desire!
I Have Attempted To Be Fairly Descriptive Of My Link Sites!


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Other Miscellaneous Information About My Pages
As You Will Probably Quickly Figure Out I Am A Little Bit Partial To Blues,
Bluegrass, County, 50's & 60's, Easy Listening, Honky Tonk, Jazz & Ragtime Music

 Well, After All, I Am From The Kansas City, Missouri, USA Area!
Kinda Tells My Age Too, Doesn't It!

I Can, However, Handle Just About Anything
Depending On My Mood!

[Oh! Yes, I Can Get Moody]

I Attempt To Put
"A Little Bit Of Everything"
On My Various Pages So There Will Be Something Here For Everyone!
The More I Get Involved In
"MIDI" Music
The More I Am Beginning To Appreciate
Many Other Styles Of Music Besides My Original Favorites!

Check Out My Music Styles Page!

A Famous Musician Once Said,
"For Me, There Are Only Two Kinds Of Music...Good Music And Bad Music."
I Am Really Beginning To Share This Opinion,
And I hope That The Files You Find On My Pages
All Belong In The First Category!

My Links Pages Will Take You To
Nearly Every Style Of Music, Which AMG, The All-Music Guide,
Now Lists As Over 1400 Styles!
In My Off-Line MIDI Archives Of Approximately 100,000 Files
I Have Everything From Alternative Hard Rock To Classical Music.
If You Want A Particular Tune - Send Me A E-Mail, I May Have It!
If Not, Perhaps, I Can Assist You In Finding It,

If It Has Ever Been Sequenced For MIDI And Posted To The Internet.
At Least I Will Try!

I Will Never Claim To Be The Best, The Largest, The Coolest,
The Most Fantastic, Or The Fastest MIDI Site On The Net
My Goal Is To Provide Nothing More Than
A Nice Variety Of
"The Best Quality"
MIDI Music Files I Can Find, Or Are Sent To Me By My Internet Friends
Top Quality Links To More

For Your Listening Pleasure!

I Am Currently Using 5 Different Servers For Storing My Web Pages And Files
If A Page Or A Song
Does Not Come Up When You Click On It There Is A Real Good Chance The Server Is Either Very Busy Or Down For Maintenance
Please Try Again Later!
 All Of The Tunes Listed On My Various Pages Are Stored On My Servers
So If You Get A 404 File Not Found Error It Is Probably Because
I Have Not Got The File Linked Or Named Properly!

Please Let Me Know If You Ever Run Into This!!!
Many Times, I Have The Same File Listed On Several Different Pages Or Servers
So When I Move, Rename Or Upgrade A File
It Is Very Easy For Me To Miss Changing One!

Also Please Check My Sites Notes Page 1 For Current Server Problems!

One Very Important Note!
If A Tune Does Not Sound Right, Or Sounds Too Slow, Or Weird, Try Hitting The Stop Button On Your Player And Let It Load A Little Bit Longer And Then Hit Your Play Button Or Just Try Reloading It Again.  In My Humble Opinion
All Of The MIDI Sequences On My Various Pages Are
Very Good To Excellent In Quality
And The E-Mail I Get Confirms It!
If A Tune Doesn't Sound Right There Is A Real Good Chance The File Did Not Download Properly To Your Computer When You Clicked On It Or It Has Not Loaded Completely Or The Internet Or Server Is Extremely Busy
Or Last But Certainly Not Least
You May Have A Low Quality Sound Card Or Speakers Or Both.
This Happens With Many Of The Low-Cost Computer Package Deals.
All Of My On-Line Tunes Sound Very Good To Excellent On My System
And I Have Far From The Very Best Quality Equipment.
Consider Upgrading To A Better Sound Card Such As Sound Blaster And Get
A Really Good Set Of Speakers.
An Optional Good Quality Sub-Woofer Also Always Helps Very, Very Much!

If You Have A Particular MIDI You Would Like Put On Any Of My Pages, Please E-Mail It To Me With As Much Information About The File As Possible!
Do Not Send Me Professional Commercial Files,
I Can't Post Them On My Site!

Mail To
Jack At ajsnead@discoverynet.com
 Please Remove The No Spam Comment Before Mailing!
 I Would
Especially Like
To Feature New Compositions And MIDI Sequences
By "Original" MIDI Music Sequencers!

 Again, Please Do Not Send Me Commercially Sequenced Professional MIDI's To Post To My Site

I'm Sorry, But I Do Not Personally Sequence MIDI Files!
All Of The MIDI's, But One, On My Various Pages

Have Been Sequenced By Others!

If This Is Your First Visit To My Web Site(s), Please, Pretty Please, Take A
Few Minutes To Read My FAQ's, "Frequently Asked Questions" Page

(It Could Save Us Both A Lot Of Time!)

Abbreviations Used Throughout The Pages On My Various Sites

AMG = All Music Guide, CMA = Country Music Association,
KB = Kilobytes,
E-Z Or Ez = Easy Listening, MPT = Minutes Playing Time
W&M = Words & Music, R&B = Rhythm & Blues, R&R = Rock And Roll
MID Or MIDI = Musical Instrument Digital Interface
AKA = Also Know As,  FTP = File Transfer Protocol
Mid/Kar = MIDI-Karaoke File - Karaoke Words Are Embedded In The MIDI File

Special Note!
 As I Constantly Move Files Around,
Do Not Link My Files, Graphics Or Tunes
Directly To Your Web Page, Or You

Will More Than Likely Start Getting A Lot Of Broken Links
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