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The Beautiful Song Ready To Play Is
"It's Only Make Believe"

His First #1 Single -1958



"I Started In Rock Music
Worked Myself Up To Country"

Conway Twitty

In 1965 Conway Starting Recording Primarily As A Country Artist Although Many
Of His Tunes Continued To Crossover To The Pop Charts
Conway Placed A Total Of 96 Singles On The Top-40 Charts From 1958 To 1993

The Late, Great, And Legendary
Country, Pop Artist
Conway Twitty
aka "The High Priest Of Country Music"
1933 - 1993

Did You Know That His Real Name Was Harold Lloyd Jenkins?

Did You Also Know That In The Whole World Of American Popular Music

Conway Twitty Has Had
55 Number One Records
40 Country* - 15 Pop

More Than The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Hank Williams Or Frank Sinatra.
Throughout His Long Career, Conway Touched Virtually Every Popular Musical Category In This Country - Rockabilly, Blues, Rock & Roll,
Dixieland, R&B, Gospel And Mainstream Country

Conway Was Inducted Posthumously Into
The Country Music Hall Of Fame In 1999

 Conway's 55'th Hit "Crazy In Love" Went To Number One
On The Charts In December 1990

*George Strait Finally Broke Conway's Record For Country #1's In Sept. 2006
With His 41'st #1 Country Hit, "Give It Away" And In May Of 2008 Broke Conway's Record
For # 1 Hits On All Charts With His 56'th #1 Single "I Saw God Today"

Conway Twitty MIDI Songs
For Full Descriptions And Credits
For The On Line Songs Visit My Country Alphabetical Pages

"Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On"
Sequenced By Donna Points
52kb - 3.19mpt
Conway's Cover Of The Great Mel McDaniel Tune And
Included On Conway's CD
"The Best Of Conway Twitty"
Recorded By Mel McDaniel For His 1993 Album By The Same Name

"Back Home Again"
Sequenced By Frank "Grandpa" Schober
47kb - 2.37mpt
Recorded By Conway & Loretta Lynn In 1988 On Their Album:
"Making Believe"
Written & Recorded By John Denver In 1974 On His Album
"Back Home Again"

This Is The John Denver Version

If You Have The Conway Version In MIDI I Would Appreciate It
If You Would Send It To Me for This Page

"Back Street Affair"
Recorded By Conway & Loretta Lynn In 1971 On Their Album:
"Lead Me On"

Sequenced By Dan Doud
21kb - 2.37mpt
Also Recorded By
Webb Pierce, Kitty Wells, Hank Thompson,
Willie Nelson And Many More

"C'est Si Bon"
(It's So Good)
#2 Pop - 1960-61

W&M By Henri Betti, Andre Hornez & Jerry Seelen In 1950
Sequenced By Larri Dee - 1998
29kb - 3.31mpt
Conway First Recorded It In 1960 And It Reached #22 On The Pop Charts
And It Has Been On Several Of His Albums

Recorded By "Eartha Kitt" In 1953 In A Vocal Pop Style
Nearly 100 Other Artists Have Recorded The Great Tune In Various Styles Including The Great Barbra Streisand And Louie Armstrong

Composed By Henri Betti, Andre Hornez & Jerry Seelen In 1950

This Is The Eartha Kitt Version
If You Have The Conway Version In MIDI I Would Appreciate It
If You Would Send It To Me for This Page

"Crazy In Love"
#1 Country - 1990

Sequenced By Unknown
19kb - 4.08mpt - Mid/Kar
(Included On His 1990 Album By The Same Name)

"Danny Boy"
#10 Pop 1959

Sequenced By Unknown
08kb - 2.58mpt
(Conway's Version Was Actually A Faster And More R&R Style Than This MIDI)

"Danny Boy"
#10 Pop 1959

Sequenced By Dick Anderson
30kb - 4.13mpt
(Conway's Version Was Actually A Faster And More R&R Style Than This MIDI)

"Desperado Love"
#1 Country Single 1986

Sequenced By Dr. ChartChai MeeSangNin
© 2002
29kb - 2.25mpt - Mid/Kar
Composed By Michael Garvin & Sammy Johns

"Dim Lights, Thick Smoke And Loud, Loud Music"
Non-Charting Country Single 1968

(Recorded For His 1968 Album Here's Conway Twitty & His Lonely Blue Boys)
Sequenced By Dan Doud
29kb - 2.37mpt
Written By Rose Lee Maphis, Joe Maphis, & Max M. Fidler

"Ding-A-Ling, The Christmas Bell"

Sequenced By Ron Tilden
50kb - 3.04mpt
Another Version With Karaoke Words

"Ding-A-Ling, The Christmas Bell"

Sequenced By Peter Taylor
33kb - 3.10mpt

"Don't Cry Joni"
aka "Joni"
(Duet With Joni Lee)

Sequenced By Peter Wolmarans - 1998
32kb - 4.03mpt
(Also Recorded As A Duet With Loretta Lynn In 1984)

Composed By Conway Twitty

"Fifteen Years Ago"
aka 15 Years Ago
#1 Country Single 1970

Composed By Ray Smith
Sequenced By Jean Jacques Duguay
35kb - 3.04mpt

"God Bless America, Again"
(Duet With Loretta Lynn)
For Their 1976 #1 Country Album: "United Talent"
W&M By Bobby Bare & Boyce Hawkins In 1969
Sequenced By Unknown
23kb - 3.06mpt - Mid/Kar

"Grandest Lady Of Them All"
#16 Country Single 1978
For His 1978 Country Album:
"Georgia Keeps Pulling On My Ring"
W&M By Mel McDaniel & Bob Morrison
Sequenced By Unknown
21kb - 3.17mpt - Mid/Kar

"Hello Darlin'"
#1 Country Single 1970

A "Top 100" Country Hit

W&M By Harold Jenkins aka Conway Twitty
Sequenced By Harry Todd
19kb - 3.26mpt
(Conway Recorded It Again In 1975 & 1983)

"Help Me Make It Through The Night"
W&M By Kris Kristofferson
Sequenced By H. C. "Herb" Snider
47kb - 2.49mpt
Conway Covered The Great Sammi Smith Hit On His 1971, #5 Country Album:
"How Much More Can She Stand"

"Honky Tonk Man"
Conway's Cover Of The Great Johnny Horton Hit
W&M By Johnny Horton And Tillman Franks
Sequenced By Gary Rogers
26kb - 2.08mpt

"I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love With You)"
Sequenced By Harry Todd
24kb - 3.01mpt
A Cover Of The Old Hank Williams, Sr. Tune

"I Can't Stop Loving You"
#1 Country Single l972
Sequenced By Gary Rogers
22kb - 3.01mpt
A Cover Of The Great Song Written & Recorded By Don Gibson

"I Don't Know A Thing About Love"
aka "The Moon Song"

#1 Country Single 1984
Sequenced By Unknown

22kb - 3.01mpt - Mid/Kar

"I'd Love To Lay You Down"
#1 Country Single 1980
Sequenced By Unknown
15kb - 3.52mpt
"I'd Love To Lay You Down"
#1 Country Single 1980
Sequenced By Gary Rogers
41kb - 3.18mpt
(Posted 06/13/10)

"It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'"
Sequenced By Ron Tilden
33kb - 2.45mpt
A Cover Of The Great Johnny Tillotson Tune

"It's Only Make Believe"
This Is A Beautiful Tune In Any Style Of Music!  Recorded In 1958 As A Pop/Rock Tune With Backup Vocals By "The Jordanaires"
This Classic Tune Remained Number One On The Charts For
Two Weeks And Went Gold

Composed By Conway Twitty And Jack Nance

Sequenced By H. C. "Herb" Snider
48kb - 3.59mpt
(Conway Recorded It Again As A Country Version In 1982)
For Sequencers And Musicians That Need A MIDI Version Without The Melody Line Click Below
"It's Only Make Believe"
33kb - 3.00mpt
Sequenced By Bob Hughes

"I've Been Around Enough To Know"
Conway Included It On His 1978 Album: "Conway"
Sequenced By Ron Tilden
47kb - 2.47mpt

"Last Date"
aka "(Lost Her Love) On Our Last Date"

(#1 Country Single 1972)
Conway And Floyd Cramer Co-Wrote The Lyrics To The Melody
Of The Great Floyd Cramer Love Song

Sequenced By Don Carroll
27kb - 3.17mpt

"Linda On My Mind"
aka "(Lying Here With) Linda On My Mind"
(#1 Country Single 1975)

Sequenced By Allan Clapp
24kb - 2.23mpt

"Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man"
Recorded By Conway & Loretta Lynn In 1973 For Their Album By The Same Title
(#1 Country Single 1973)

Sequenced By Gary Rogers
41kb - 2.41mpt
Composed By Becki Bluefield & Jim Owens

Sequenced By Unknown
31kb - 2.22mpt
Also Performed By Many Other Artists Including The Great Chuck Berry Who Originally Wrote It

"Mona Lisa"
#29 Pop 1959
Conway's Cover Of The Great Big Band, Jazz, Film Classic
Sequenced By Harry Todd
33kb - 3.52mpt
Recorded On Nearly 300 Albums By Various Artists In Many Styles Over The Years

Original W&M By Jay Livingston & Ray Evans Who Won An Oscar For The Song In 1950
(Conway's Version Was Actually A Faster And More R&R Style Than This MIDI)

"Pick Me Up On Your Way Down"
Conway Covered The Great Charlie Walker Honky Tonk Classic In 1974
Sequenced By Harry Todd
28kb - 3.24mpt
Recorded On Over 60 Albums By Various Artists Over The Years

Original W&M By Harlan Howard
"This Particular MIDI Is Actually A Faron Young Version"

"Pop A Top"
Conway Covered The Great Nat Stuckey Honky Tonk Classic In 1974
Sequenced By Unknown
44kb - 3.02mpt
Also Recorded By Nat Stuckey, Jim Ed Brown And Alan Jackson Over The Years
Original W&M By Nat Stuckey
"This Particular MIDI Is Actually A Alan Jackson Version"
I Have Removed The MIDI Due To Possible Copyright Restrictions

"Rainy Night In Georgia"
(Duet With Sam Moore-Video Only)

Sequencer - Bob Mace
09kb - 4.14mpt
Also Performed By Many, Many Other Artists Including Brook Benton

This Is A Brook Benton Version Of  The Tune

"Rainy Night In Georgia"
I'm Not Sure Who's Version This One Is But Probably Also Brook Benton

Sequencer - Daniel ???
48kb - 4.16mpt
If You Have A Conway Version I Would Appreciate It If You Would Send It To Me for This Page

"Slow Hand"
#1 Country Single 1982

Sequencer - Unknown
37kb - 3.47mpt
(A 80's Country/Pop Cover Of The The Pointer Sisters Great Tune)

"Spiders And Snakes"
Recorded By Conway & Loretta Lynn In 1974 For Their Album:
"Country Partners"

Sequenced By Ron Tilden
32kb - 3.07mpt
(A Cover Of The Jim Stafford Tune)

"Smoke From A Distant Fire"
Non-Charting Country Single 1980
Recorded By Conway In 1980 For His Album:
"Heart & Soul"

Sequenced By Deb Ackley
28kb - 3.16mpt
(A Cover Of The Sandford & Townsend 70's, Blue-Eyed Soul, Pop-Rock Song)

This MIDI Is Actually The Sandford & Townsend Version
If You Have A Conway Version I Would Appreciate It If You Would Send It To Me for This Page

(Posted 12/21/08)

"Supper Time"

Sequenced By Dick Anderson
26kb - 3.24mpt

"Sweet, Sweet Spirit"
Included On His 1994 Album: "The Conway Twitty Collection"
Sequenced By Mel Owens - 1996
43kb - 3.33mpt

"That's My Job"
#6 County Single - 1987

Sequenced By Dr. ChartChai MeeSangNin
18kb - 4.24mpt

"The Clown"
#1 Country Single - 1982

Sequenced By M. S. Proffit
18kb - 4.24mpt

"The Rose"
#1 Country Single - 1983

14kb - 3.43mpt
Written By Amanda McBroom
Sequenced By Unknown
Originally Performed By Bette Midler

"The Rose"
21kb - 3.54mpt
Sequenced By Dick Anderson
A Cover Of The Amanda McBroom Song
Conway First Recorded It As A Single In 1981 And It Was A Big Country/Pop Hit For Him
Finally Hitting #1 Country In 1983

"Tight Fittin' Jeans"
#1 Country Single - 1981

Sequenced By Unknown
36kb - 2.00mpt

"Unchained Melody"
Pop Single 1962

(A Beautiful Piano Version Of The Great Love Song
Recorded On Well Over 500 Albums By Many Artists In Many Styles Over The Years)

Played Live & Sequenced By Bob Mace
09kb - 4.18mpt
Words By Hy Zaret And Music By Alex North

"We Did But Now You Don't"
#2 Country Single 1982

Included On His 1982 Album - "Dream Maker"
Sequenced By Unknown
15kb - 3.08mpt - Mid/Kar

"Why Me Lord?"
Included On His 1994 Album - "The Conway Twitty Collection"
(Conways Cover Of The Great Kris Kristofferson Inspirational Gospel Song)
(A Gold Record For Kris In 1973)

Sequenced By Harry Todd
20kb - 3.15mpt

"Women Make A Fool Out Of Me"
Conways Version Is Included With The Title Of "The Women Make A Fool Out Of Me"
On The 1996 Ernest Tubb Compilation Album: "Tribute To A Legend"

(Ernest Tubb Had Included It On Many Of His Albums Over The Years With That Title Which Was
Actually A Rename And Cover Of "Jimmie Rodgers' Last Blue Yodel" (aka Blue Yodel No. 13)

Sequenced By Jim Hughes
26kb - 1.38mpt

"You're The Reason (I Don't Sleep At Night)"
(Conway & Loretta's Duet Cover Of  The Great Old Honky Tonk Tune)
Included On Their 2005 Compilation Album: "The Definitive Collection"

Sequenced By Bill Stewart
61kb - 2.32mpt
This Is A Hank Locklin Version Of  The Tune

"You've Never Been This Far Before"
aka "Never Been This Far Before"
#1 Country Single 1973
(Composed By Conway Twitty & L. E. White)
(First Recorded In 1973 And One Of His Classic, Contemporary Country, Tunes)
(A Number One Country Single For Three Weeks In 1973)
(Crossed Over And Reached #22 On The Pop Singles Chart)

Sequenced By Dan Dowd
26kb - 5.16mpt

The Tunes Listed Above Are All I Have In MIDI.  If You Have One That I Don't Have Listed I Sure Would Appreciate It If You Would E-Mail It To Me
For Listing On This Tribute Page!
Thanks, Jack

Conway Twitty
Was Posthumously Inducted Into The Country Music Hall Of Fame
September 22, 1999
At The 33'rd Annual CMA Award Ceremony

Other Songs I Know Of That Were Recorded By Conway

A Bridge That Just Won't Burn
(#3 Country Single 1981)

A Good Love Died Tonight

A' Huggin' And A' Kissin'
(A Pop Song Conway Composed & Recorded Somewhere Between 1956 & 1964)

A Little Bird Told Me
(A Pop Song Composed By Ersel Hickey & Bert Russell)

(Conway Recorded It Somewhere Between 1956 & 1964)

A Little Of You
(Composed By Walt Aldridge)

A Lifetime Before
(Duet With Loretta Lynn)

A Little Piece Of My Heart

A Million Teardrops

A Wound Time Can't Erase

(Composed By Bill Johnson)

Above And Beyond (The Call of Love)

(Composed By Harlan Howard)

After All The Good Is Gone
(#1 Country Single 1976)
(Composed By Floyd Cramer & Conway Twitty)

After The Fire Is Gone
(#1 Country Single 1971, #56 Pop 1971)

(Duet With Loretta Lynn)

Conway & Loretta Also Received A Grammy Award The Same Year For The Song
"Best Country Performance By A Duo or Group With Vocal"

(This Was Their First Duet Single)

Ain't She Something Else

Amazing Love

As Soon As I Hang Up The Phone
(1974 & 1988)

(Duet With Loretta Lynn)

Baby's Gone
(#2 Country Single 1973)

Bad Seed My Daddy Sowed

Before Your Time

Between Blue Eyes And Jeans

Boogie Grass Band

Born To Sing The Blues

Cheatin' Fire

Clinging To A Saving Hand
(A Gospel Song Composed By Bill Mack)


Comfy 'N' Cozy

Cry Baby Heart

Darling You Know I Wouldn't Lie
(#2 Country Single 1968)

Don't Call Him A Cowboy
(#1 County Single 1985 And His 50'th #1 Single)

Don't Let It Go To Your Heart

Don't Put Your Hurt In My Heart

Don't It Make You Lonely

Don't Take It Away
(#1 County Single 1979)

Don't You Dare Let Me Down

Doubletalk Baby
(Pop Single 1957)

(# 1 Country Single 1975)

(Duet With Loretta Lynn)

Fit To Be Tied Down
(#30 Country Single 1975)

From Seven Till Ten
(#6 Country Single 1978)

(Duet With Loretta Lynn)

(But I'm Not Laughing)

(#61 Pop Single 1967)

Games That Daddies Play


Goodbye Time

Got My Mojo Working

Guess My Eyes Were Bigger Than My Heart
(#18 Country Single 1966)

Halfway To Heaven

Happy Birthday Darlin'

Heartache Tonight
(#6 Country Single 1983)

Hearts Breakin' All Over Town


Hey Little Lucy
(Don'tcha Put No Lipstick On)

(#87 Pop Single 1959)

Hit The Road Jack

Duet With Loretta Lynn

House On Old Lonesome Road

How Much More Can She Stand
(#1 Country Single 1971)

Hurt In My Heart

I Am The Dreamer (You Are The Dream)

(I Can't Believe)
She Still Cares


I Can't Help It (If She Can't Stop Loving Me)

I Can't Love You Enough
(Duet With Loretta Lynn)

I Can't See Me Without You
(#4 Country Single 1971)
(Released Again In 1986)

I Changed My Mine

I Couldn't See You Leavin'
(#3 Country Single 1991)

I Did The Best I Could

I Didn't Lose Her I Threw Her Away

I Don't Love You

I Don't Want To Be With Me
(#21 Country Single 1967)

I Hope, I Think, I Wish

I Love You More Today
(#1 Country Single 1969 On His Album By The Same Name)

I Made You A Woman

I May Never Get To Heaven

I Need You So

I Need Your Lovin'
(#93  Pop Single 1957)

I See The Want To In Your Eyes
(#1 Country Single - 1974)

I Still Believe In Waltzes
(Duet With Loretta Lynn)

I Want To Know You Before We Make Love
(#2 Country Single - 1987)

I Wonder What She'll Think About Me Leaving
(#4 Country Single - 1971)

I'll Try

I'm Not Through Loving You Yet

I'm The Only Thing
(I'll Hold Against You)


Image Of Me

(#5 Country Single 1968)

Is a Blue Bird Blue?

I've Already Loved You In My Mind

Duet With Loretta Lynn

I've Never Seen The Likes Of You

Judge Of Hearts

Last Of It All

Last One To Touch Me

Lay Me Down Carolina

Lead Me On
(#1 Country Single 1971)
(Duet With Loretta Lynn For Their Album By The Same Name)

Lead Us Back To Love


Leonora My Love

Let It Ring

Let Me Be The Judge

Let Me Be There

Let The Good Times Roll

Let The Pretty Lady Dance

Let Your Love Flow

Life Turned Her That Way

Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young

(Composed By Joe Allison)

Lonely Blue Boy
(#6 Pop 1959-60)

Long Black Train

(Composed By Conway)

Long Tall Texan

(Composed By Henry Strzelecki)

Look Into My Teardrops
(#36 Country Single 1966)

(Composed By Harlan Howard & Don Bowman)

Love Is The Foundation

Next In Line
(#1 1968)

(His First #1 Country Hit)

Next Kiss
(Is The Last Goodbye)

(#72 Pop Single 1961)

Making Plans

Maybe Baby

One In A Million

Play, Guitar Play
(Country Single 1977)

Portrait Of A Fool
(#98 Pop Single 1961-62)

Red Neckin' Love Makin' Night
(#1 Country Single 1982)

Rest Your Love On Me

Rock House

Saturday Night Special

Shake It Up

She Ain't No Angel

She Did, It Did, I Didn't

(I Can't Believe)
She Gives It All To Me

(#1 Country Single 1977)

She Loves Me

She Needs Someone To Hold Her
(When She Cries)

(First Recorded In 1972 Becoming A #1 Country Single 1973)

She Thinks I Still Care

She's Got A Man On Her Mind

She's Got A Single Thing In Mind
(#2 Country Single 1989)

She's Just Not Over You Yet

She's Mine
(#98 Pop Single 1960)

Silent Partner
(Duet With Loretta Lynn)

Simply Country Girl

Since She's Not With The One She Loves

Some Kind Of Woman
(Duet With Loretta Lynn)

Somewhere Just Out Of My Mind

Star Spangled Heaven
(1960 & 1969)

(I Wish I Was)
Still In Your Dreams

(#4 Country Single 1988)

Story Of My Love
(#28 Pop Single 1959)

Such A Night

(Also Recorded By Elvis Presley)

(W&M By Lincoln Chase)

That's When She Started To Stop Loving You
(#3 Country Single 1969-70)

The Flame

The Games That Daddies Play
(#1 Country Single 1976)

(Recorded Again In 1984)

Image Of Me

A Top 10 Country Single

Legend And The Man

(#19 Country Single 1985)

The Letter
(#3 Country Single 1976)
(Duet With Loretta Lynn)

The One I Can't Live Without
(Duet With Loretta Lynn)

There's A Honky Tonk Angel
(Who'll Take Me Back In)

(#1 Country Single 1974)

This Time I've Hurt Her More Than She Loves Me
(#1 Country Single 1976)

To See My Angel Cry
(#1 Country Single 1969)

Touch The Hand
(#1 Country Single 1975)

Together Forever

Walk Me To The Door

Weakness In Your Man

What A Dream
(1960 Pop - #50 Country 1971)

What Am I Living For?
(#26 Pop Single 1960)  (#59 Country Single 1970)

Who Did They Think He Was?
(#56 Country Single 1991)

Who's Gonna Know?
(#51 Country Single 1989)

Why Can't I Get Through To You?

And There Are Many, Many More That I Will Be Adding To This List!


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