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Still Got The Blues (For You)
Composed By Gary Moore
88kb - 6.16mpt
A Fantastic, Electric Blues Song First Recorded For His 1990 Album By The Same Title That Many Feel Was His Best And Most Remembered Album. The Single Peaked At #9 On The Mainstream Rock Charts And The Album Placed At #83 On The Billboard 200 Chart
Electric Blues
Soft Rock

Sequenced By Barry Heard, Jillianne Jones & Josh Neumann
© 2011
In Tribute To The Legendary,
70's-00's, Blues, Blues-Rock, Guitar Virtuoso, Singer And Songwriter

Gary Moore
Gary Died February 06, 2011 From A Suspected Heart Attack At The Age Of 58

A Few Of His Other Biggest Hits Include:
"Cold Day In Hell", "Parisienne Walkways", "Walking By Myself", "Friday On My Mind",
"Oh Pretty Woman", "Shapes Of Things To Come", "Too Tired" And Many More

Featured Artist Image

Robert William Gary Moore
"Gary Moore On WIKI"

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